Adobe acrobat pro 2017 end of life

Adobe Acrobat XI will soon be coming to an end of a life cycle meaning that Adobe will no longer be supporting the product. This is according to the Adobe Lifecycle policy, which stipulates that a product will be supported for a period of 5 years since the date it was released into the market. The end of the five-year period is now drawing closer and the curtains will be closed from October 15, So, what does this really mean for any avid Adobe Acrobat XI user?

In other words, what shall we do? In the world of software, it is all about the features or rather, a tool is always as good as it's weakest features! Again, the PDFelement stands a cut above the rest thanks to amazing capability it affords users working with PDF files. Well, let's dig deeper:. You may continue using your Adobe Acrobat XI in the future. But since Adobe will no longer provide any support since then, here are some problems you might come across:.

The subscription mode is also an annoying part, which means if you ever late for your monthly bill for one second, you'll be banned from using any features of Adobe Acrobat DC. To start with, when the support ends, it means that the technical support will not be available. Lack of the technical support implies that the Adobe Acrobat XI users will not receive security updates concerning the products.

Lack of security updates will lead to many security threats. Lack of security updates implies that the documents will be vulnerable to security breaches, viruses, and hackers. In that case, sensitive documents will not be secure, and they may land in the hand of dangerous people which could be a threat to the business or the company.

Documents can also be affected by virus leading to the destruction of relevant personal information or valuable information to the firm. Users may panic, and in the process of looking for software alternatives, they may end up using the unsupported software. Unsupported could be risky and may end up destroying valuable documents. Switching from Adobe Acrobat XI to another software due to the end of support could be expensive. Users will have to use the unbudgeted money to purchase another software which would replace the Acrobat XI.

More time will also be needed by users to research on the best software which would be used as an alternative. Such time could be used in other productive activities in the business. The technical support and customer support will also not be available for the users.

In that case, if the Acrobat XI users experience any technical issues, they will not be helped. A technical failure may occur when the users are handling necessary files, and if it happens, it will cause a major setback to the company. First, the PDF files will be vulnerable to security breaches.

Adobe Acrobat Pro 11 end-of-life - removal – November 3

The security of the program can be breached without the notice of the users. When the security is breached, the documents can be accessed by anyone, and sensitive documents might be stolen or destroyed.

The users will not be able to protect even the confidential documents of a company or business, and competitors or other unintended parties can use them.

adobe acrobat pro 2017 end of life

The PDFs will also be vulnerable to hackers. The program can be hacked, and the users may fail to notice earlier enough. The hackers may access sensitive personal information, or they can use valuable company information for their benefits. Lack of minor of minor product upgrades and the security updates could also pose a threat to virus attacks.

Adobe Support Policies: Supported Product Versions

A virus attack may lead to the destruction of valuable PDF documents making the user or the company have a major setback, particularly when there is no backup. Technical problems may occur when the users are handling important PDF documents. The lack of technical support may inhibit the access of the document that was being handled thus losing valuable data to the Adobe Acrobat Users.No need to discuss, but I think if you're using Acrobat then you might want to keep reading.

All software has a life span. First introduced in Octoberthe two applications will see the end of support on October 15, While Acrobat XI and Reader XI will still run after that date, Adobe will no longer provide technical support, product updates, or security updates. You can continue to use the software, but the lack of updates could leave you vulnerable to malware or other bugs. Another money-grabbing move by Adobe.

Oh, but you can totally buy the subscription based version that does the exact same thing, but costs you boatloads more money. That way you'll have to fork over tons of money ever single year, forever. Are there any companies that offers 'forever' support on their software? They always come out with new versions and eventually drop support for the older stuff. That's just how it is. Perpetual licensing of exists. We just got in a ton of them.

So, just plan accordingly.

adobe acrobat pro 2017 end of life

If you know Adobe cuts off at 5 years, update your threat acceptance board for a proper ROI with that information plugged in. It's not that big of a deal. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong thing, but this page certainly makes it look like you need to either have an ongoing contract or buy upgrades.

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You've always had to buy upgrades, unless on a subscription based platform like CC or O Maybe I made my first comment when I was still a little hot headed. What I find an issue with the most is cost. That computer had a life expectancy of 3 years minimum. Yes, Bluebeam charges for upgrades to major versions or, like you mentioned, a maintenance plan which includes unlimited support and major version upgrades.

However, their licensing is also amazingly easy to maintain and understand. I know Adobe needs to turn a profit, but basically forcing people to subscribe rather than be able to buy perpetuals is cost prohibitive for smaller businesses.

Acrobat XI isn't that old that it shouldn't be supported anymore. Of course, that's just like, my opinion man. Ok, that is quite a bit different from what you originally said. And I agree that version lifetimes seem to be shrinking these days. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. No contact information necessary. Popular Topics in Adobe.In line with that policy, support for Adobe Acrobat While you may continue to use Acrobat and Reader X, Adobe will no longer provide any updates or address any existing bugs or security issues in the software.

Technical support for this version of Acrobat will also be discontinued. This will ensure that you benefit from all new functional enhancements and security updates, not to mention support for newer operating systems. But one function of Adobe can not be deinstalled cause it cannot be find. What to do? Have you tried running the Repair command from under the Help menu?

Also, when you do this, make sure all your browsers are closed first. Now, I can NOT highlight text, only make comments. What the hell is going on. Thanks a lot. I have XP on one computer that I have to use for older programs and Windows 7 on laptop. Have you tried Repairing the Reader installation on your system?

This command is located under the Help menu. You should be able to highlight text Adobe Reader DC. I have similar issues as Dotte. I could add, delete and move pages with adobe acrobat 10 or 11 but now with DC I need to purchase that option. Why are we forced to uninstall the older version. The Adobe Reader has never had the ability to add, delete, or move pages. Thanks for your help. Hi, I know that the support for Adobe Reader X it is terminated.

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The English version provides the sign function in the toolbar. While in the Italian version the sign button is not available and I cannot add it to toolbar menu. Any suggestions? Have I to use the English version? Are you using a customized version of Reader X in your organization? It is possible that the online services have been blocked by your IT department? All I do is use the OCR and reader. I clicked on a link to upgrade Adobe Reader but I did not need any upgrade. Now I cannot OCR any documents.

I feel scammed by Adobe. Is there a way to address this? Hi there!This article details the end of life for Adobe Acrobat XI and how to transition to a supported version. At this time we are asking users of the software to contact their Academic and Client Technologies College Representatives so they can provide the following assistance regarding updating your version of Adobe Acrobat Professional to the latest version of the product:.

Yes, due to the prolific use of the PDFs throughout the computing industry. PDFs are a target for security exploits, which means keeping your software up to date protects your use of the software as well as ensuring that the product is fixed from issues that are reported to the manufacturer. In additions to security and support updates, this older version of Adobe is not supported for use on the latest versions of Mac OS X and Windows Operating Systems.

While the product may install, it is without manufacturer support for any issues or errors that may occur with the use of the software. Yes, as this version is already not supported by Adobe it will have the same issues with security and support updates as Adobe Acrobat Professional XI.

Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe Acrobat Professional are different products that provide some similar features. Making sure either version is up to date is important.

Adobe Acrobat Reader on most systems on campus is updated and maintained on your computer by ITS automatically in order to keep up with security exploits and or issues with the software.

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If you are unsure of the version you are running please contact ITS at ext. Was this information helpful? Your Rating: Thanks for voting! Please Wait Results: rates. Contact helpdesk tntech. EagleNet Key Reset. Tennessee Tech does not condone and will not tolerate discrimination against any individual on the basis of race, religion, color, creed, sex, age, national origin, genetic information, disability, veteran status, and any other bases protected by federal and state civil rights law.

Inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies should be directed to equity tntech. Required: page refresh 5. Learn more here. Pages Blog.Acrobat is the latest perpetual version of Acrobat. It's the complete desktop solution for working with PDF documents. Acrobat simplifies everyday PDF tasks and includes many productivity enhancements when working with PDFs from your desktop.

You can work with Acrobat on the desktop only or purchase an Acrobat DC subscription to take advantage of additional capabilities made possible by Adobe Document Cloud services. Adobe Acrobat includes desktop products, free mobile apps, and free online services available through Adobe Document Cloud. Activation is a required process by which Adobe validates that your software is genuine and being used as allowed by your product license agreement.

Activation also helps confirm that the software you bought is not counterfeit. Acrobat products automatically attempt to activate over the Internet.

During activation, no personal information is transmitted. Each single-user license grants rights for Acrobat to be installed on two computers at any given time. If your organization has computers that cannot be online for activation, IT administrators can set an offline exception using Adobe Customization Wizard.

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Acrobat desktop software can be used by itself, without taking advantage of Adobe Document Cloud services. Acrobat desktop software doesn't run in the cloud — it is locally installed software running on your desktop. However, if your company prohibits software that connects to the cloud, talk to your IT administrator. Acrobat settings can be customized to remove access to the cloud services.

Acrobat Pro DC- Calculate Properties of Form Fields - Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Training Tutorial Course

At Adobe, the security of your digital experiences is our priority. Industry standard security practices are deeply ingrained into our internal culture, software development, as well as service operations processes.

Whether related to identity management, data confidentiality, or document integrity, Adobe Document Cloud employs industry-standard security practices to protect your documents, data, and personal information. Adobe Sign lets you conduct complete business transactions on the go. With it, you can send, sign, track, and manage signed documents from your iOS or Android device.

Adobe Sign works independently of the Acrobat Reader mobile app. The free Adobe Scan mobile app makes it easy to capture and work with scans from anywhere using your Android and iOS devices.Support for Adobe Acrobat Option 1. Of course, this choice is the simplest solution, but in the long run, the immediate convenience will cause long-term adverse consequences. Option 2. The loyal users who have accustomed to using and trusting Adobe, of course, you can choose to upgrade the Adobe PDF software across the board to DC version, so what are the problem would come with?

Adrobat DC is a new interface. Enterprise users who upgrade Adobe to DC version will face a new learning curve. Adobe has a lot of auditing business users across the software industry. To spend a lot of time, money and resources for complete one thing, this is a big challenge when comes to budget and efficiency of the enterprise. Option 3. More importantly, affordable price and functional that can meet their needs.

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So, currently, which PDF editors can compete with it? From its user interface alone, PDFelement more towards to the user who familiar with Microsoft Office, in that way, employees do not need a specialized training. It is still very stressful to small and medium enterprises with limited procurement budget.

Adobe has a massive number of users in the world. For this reason, many business users were complaining that they can receive responds from Adobe in a timely manner, sometimes for several days, which is a fatal problem for enterprises.

adobe acrobat pro 2017 end of life

PDFelement provides 6X24 customer services and the problem will solved in a timely manner. With Adobe users, once the subscription expires, the software will be completely unavailable and always be reminding you to continue the purchase. User cannot use latest features without upgrade, but still can continuing use the original product features.

To ensure a smooth transfer for business users, PDFelement provides transfer protection limit. As long as their customers signed cooperation contract, and inform its subscription to Adobe software, PDFelement will provide a full-featured package for enterprises until the other party successfully changed to PDFelement.

After reading this article, Adobe products will end of support no more than 1 month, do you have your replacement plan ready?

adobe acrobat pro 2017 end of life

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Okay, thank you.It was only a few years ago when Adobe Reader was reported as the largest software application to be targeted by malware. And as recently as Adobe was reporting serious hacks compromising privacy of millions of customers. But it has been a while since I've seen any concerns about the various Adobe Reader versions in recent years.

A quick internet search on this topic confirms this. Presumably Adobe has cleaned up its act, and homeusers keeping its reader updated is sufficient. Sumatra was such a smaller target than Adobe, which was pre-installed on just about every new PC. I never regretted making Sumatra my default pdf reader. It continues to serve me well.

Adobe Acrobat XI End of Support: What Should We Do?

I decided to "upgrade" to DC at work Then DC was installed to replace it. I already noted above that none of my preferences from Reader 11 were transferred to Reader DC I had to manually tweak things, as best as I could recall.

Also, there is no longer a preference to set the update mechanism I suppose one could use task-scheduler to disable it Browse Community. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Just a few observations. RoHe 8 Krypton.

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