Garmin gpsmap 66st vs 64st

You are free to explore more with Garmin handheld navigation in the palm of your hand. Click here to compare with other Garmin handhelds. Up to 16 hours Standard mode Up to 1 week Expedition mode. S and Canada; routable. BirdsEye direct to device no annual subscription required. Send and receive text messages to SMS and email. Virtual keyboard for custom text messaging.

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Request weather forecasts for current location and planned destination. WikiLoc Preloaded with the Wikiloc app with risk-free trial offering more than 9 million trails for download. Built-in memory. Track log. Points per Route. Federal public land boundaries. Live Track. Garmin Explore compatible. Garmin Connect IQ compatible. Unit dimensions:. Display size:. Display resolution:. Display type:. Rechargeable, internal lithium-ion. Battery life:.

Up to 36 hours Up to hours in expedition mode. High-sensitivity receiver:. Preloaded maps:. Ability to add maps:.

Garmin gpsmap 64st vs 64x glonass and galileo comparison

Federal public land boundaries:. Built-in memory:. Accepts data cards:. Track log:. Automatic routing:. Electronic compass:. Barometric altimeter:.

Garmin GPSMAP 66s & GPSMAP 66st Review

Picture viewer:. Custom maps compatible :. BirdsEye Satellite Imagery compatible:. Sun and moon information:. Area calculation:. Custom POIs:. Smart Notifications:.By macmaster77September 23, in GPS.

Garmin 64s vs. 64st : Which One is Better?

I started geocaching about a year ago. I have an eTrex Touch 35t. I have big fingers and find working the touch screen a challenge. I've had my eye on the 64st for awhile since they have buttons and have had good reviews. Now that the 64sx is out, I'm not sure which one to get. My needs are simple, I only use it for geocaching. I just need it to get me from my starting point to the cache. I load my GPX files on the eTrex from the computer via pocket queries. I'm not looking for wifi or bluetooth.

I plan to geocache in North America only. I see the 64st are on sale that that would be a bonus. I don't mind spending the money, but I don't want to waste it either.

I appreciate any help. Have you considered a 30x or what ever is the latest button version is? I've been using a 20x for a few years now and haven't felt any need to upgrade to a more expensive complex? The 64st has the much older, infrequently updated K topo maps most users replace with OSM maps and no Galileo.

See the Specifications page Here. Thanks for getting back with me. Isn't the Galileo for use in Europe only? I personally don't use the maps that are built in. I rely on the compass heading. It'll just add a 3rd set of satellites to connect with. Whether or not you use the built-in maps, the topoactive map that comes with the the new 64x series is more detailed than previous basemaps, and is routable out of the box. That's a pretty big draw. But also that the 64x series is current and thus will get better support from Garmin should you need it over the older 64 series.

So, between the 64 and 64x, I would still choose the 64x. Though the screen will be much nicer to look at on the 66s, if price isn't a factor. Your best bet, though, is to go to REI or another outdoor store where you can try out one of these in your hand to make sure it is what you want and will meet your needs. The units I was interested in were not real, so I didn't bother to ask Brick and mortar fails again!!!! I really appreciate your help with this.

Just one last question.

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I see the 64x does not have a compass and the 64sx does. I would guess that you would need the compass to route you to the final location? Sorry for all the dumb questions. The Compass allows you to orient when you are standing still.Is there anything better than exploring the great outdoors? How about exploring the great outdoors without getting lost?

A good GPS is a lifesaver when it comes down to it. A GPS will let you explore without getting lost. Garmin has been a world leader in the GPS world for some time, and have released some of the best GPS devices out there. Two such devices are the 64s and the 64st. Both are reliable devices, but which one should you choose?

This detailed review brings you everything you need to know when you are comparing the devices so you can make an informed choice. A readable screen is integral to a GPS device. If you cannot read your map, then the device is next to useless. How do these two devices fare? A good GPS needs a professional screen. Both of these devices have a 2. They are also covered with a transflective material to cut down on the glare from the sun.

Map reading is easy with both devices. Both devices are completely waterproof. There is also the option to add a case to either device to improve the grip and protection. Both devices weigh in at 8. The Helix antenna on both devices is the same and will pick up signals even when you have obstacles in the way. This is particularly important when you are in the mountains or heavily-wooded areas.

GPS devices have moved forward so quickly in the past few years, that the devices are almost incomparable to the first devices which hit the market. A GPS with advanced features can be key in dominating the market. How do these two models hold up? Both models are able to access the BaseCamp software. This software allows both devices to check and organize maps, create markers, map routes, and access other relevant mapping information. You can also connect both devices to your computer to access more data and share that data with the world or just your friends.

You can sync both devices to your smartphone if you wish to. This means that you can access messages through your device. If you are out hiking and are using your Garmin, you do not need to also pull out your phone to see your messages. Both devices come with Geocaching software, but the 64st comes with 8GB of memory while the 64s comes with only 4GB of memory. The 64st also allows you to preselect maps depending on your physical location.

These maps are preloaded on the 64st.Users can customize their devices with data fields, widgets and apps, which can be helpful while cycling or hiking. The power key is now located near the GPS antenna; when using the 66s with one hand it is a hassle to leave the battery save mode, as this operation is only possible by pressing the power key all other GPSMAP devices allow to press any key.

Using "black" eneloop 2. You can use this for GPS accuracy data comparisons and making up your own mind. We enjoy the brilliant display, its feature set, the improved user interface, the connectivity options and the GPS accuracy. It is also like that on the 64sx. I bought a Garmin 66s in Jan and it had died on the second day of a trip to Colombia in March. I returned it to the retailer in April who returned it to Garmin who replaced it with a new device four weeks later without explanation.

I hope this can be fixed in an upcoming sw version in not too long. I would prefer to have a only two data fields on the map page actually we have only "small data field" with four fields. Then I put "auto calibration enabled", "variable altitude barometer" is better but still with errors. Auto calibration: off Barometer mode: variable elevation Pressure trending: save when power on Calibration always by current elevation reading from paper map.

I did not have these big mistakes with the eTrex Touch 35, I would like that Garmin corrects this problem. I am on a forum and other users also have this problem. Did you find this problem on your 66s? I have also made a very bad experience with altitude. As for the 64, I use the mode with automatic and permanent calibration of pressure altitude based on GPS Altitude and I have m of errors after 6 km and a step in the altitude profile.

At the end of the Tour, the altitude was again m to high! Unusable for altitude measurement or profil storage! I hope a quick fix of this and others bugs. Al een tweetal weken intens gebruikt, de batterij duur, na een drietal uren zijn de batterijen op Garminpack en loopt de GPS vast, niet een maal maar verschillende keren. Na een paar weken geduld, de GPSmap 66st ontvangen.

Een paar batterijen, en een fiets track ingeladen en weg ermee. Wat een ontgoocheling de batterijen na 3 uur plat.

Alles was uitgeschakeld, in het weekend meerdere testen gedaan, liep soms vast,was het de koude? De batterijen zijn er van Garmin pack De batterijen worden niet volledig opgeladen via het toestel. Wel een zeer goed scherm. I am surprised that you missed the fact that for the core functionality of the GPSMap series — navigation, these new receivers are practically useless. The Track Manager is gone, the barometric altimeter CANNOT be turned off setting the receiver to "fixed elevation" used to do that, now that function simply locks the receiver to whatever the elevation was when you selected the function!

I tried not starting an "activity" when I start a hike, that turned off track logging altogether. Hi Leifur, navigation — why is it useless? Would be interessting if you can explain it!

The "track manager" is now named "saved tracks"; regarding the altimeter: did you try to disable auto calibration and to calibrate the altimeter manually?Unlike the 64 series, there will only be two models in this series, and both will be fully equipped with sensors. There are some pretty major changes here, particularly with the direct download Satellite Imagery. This is a very popular feature for handheld GPS users, but the annual subscription cost was a fairly common prohibiting factor.

The other change is the Active Weather Radar. This feature allows for quick access to in-depth weather information directly on your position. Keep in mind though this feature does need you to have a Bluetooth connection to your phone with active mobile reception.

You can purchase the Full Topo maps separately hereit will come on a micro SD card that can be loaded easily into the device underneath the batteries on the back. From a design perspective, both devices are extremely similar, with a couple of minor differences in size and display. The screen size is noticeably bigger though. Apart from the obvious visual changes they feel quite similar to hold.

The other changes are the buttons are a little more compact but wider. The buttons functions are the same though the new version has a different menu. The power button is located on top of the unit now. The Micro SD card slot possible underneath the batteries. The new GPSMAP 66 series also comes with the Expedition mode functionality, this dramatically increases the devices battery life by limiting automatic software functions like tracking points, display times and enters low power mode.

Then you will be asked to choose Auto, Prompted or Never. Selecting Auto will set the device to expedition mode automatically after two minutes of activity. Select Prompted means that next time you turn off the device, it will ask you to turn on expedition mode instead of turning off. Selecting Never will turn off any form of expedition mode you already have running Prompted or Auto. Ability to load custom maps — you can load custom maps that are compatible with Garmin devices think Garmin Topo or even City Nav Maps.

If you load either of these maps, you will then have access to automatic routing functionality on the devices. Geocaching-friendly — geocaching app preloaded onto devices, you do need to register the device though.

Garmin Connect — available on both devices allows activity information to be sent to your Garmin connect account and allows for connected features with your smartphone. Both handheld GPS units have a barometric altimeter, 3 tilt axis compensated compass. The barometric altimeter will be able to give you information about changes to weather conditions assuming you have stayed at the same elevation though it does need to adequately calibrated.

This sensor can also be used to measure your elevation changes and even measure AVG gradient change when looking at your point to point data. Garmin Explore App compatibility — Once connected to your smartphone app the Garmin explore app will automatically sync and share waypoints, tracks, and routes with your device.

You can also download maps to your smartphone for offline access. Garmin has upped their weather information significantly with this iteration. You can now get a plethora of weather data based on real-time forecast information.

They have separate predictive map options for temperature, wind, precipitation and clouds. This feature does rely on an active Bluetooth connection to your smartphone that has reception. In short though the Satellite imagery functions precisely the same as it did on the GPSMAP 64 series but you no longer have to pay for it. These are third-party apps, so they are generally not as polished.

The advantage is that you can get some pretty custom apps and options for data displays. The SOS function is just an emergency strobe. However, you can also set the torch to strobe between times per second. It shines more in some areas like software features and display size and performs at an expected level in other areas like battery life and GPS tracking.

Garmin has done an outstanding job introducing this product, and it stands as an example of great iteration jump.Overview Prices Specs. General info Connectivity Navigation Features. Tracks elevation. Scroll down for more details. Which are the most popular comparisons?

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General info 1. The bigger the screen size is, the better the user experience. The device has a standard memory slot such as an SD or micro SD card slot that enables you to extend the built-in internal storage with affordable memory modules, or easily retrieve data, such as photographs, from the memory card.

There is less chance that you will run out of battery during an adventure. Resolution is an essential indicator of a screen's image quality, representing the maximum amount of pixels that can be shown on the screen. The resolution is given as a compound value, comprised of horizontal and vertical pixels.

The internal storage refers to the built-in storage space available in a device for system data, apps, and user-generated data. With a large amount of internal storage, you can save more files and apps on your device. Volume is the quantity of three-dimensional space enclosed by the product's chassis or, in simpler terms, the space the product occupies.

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Connectivity 1. Automatically syncs. The device automatically syncs your data when in range of your computer or smartphone. Syncs wirelessly. The device syncs all of your data wirelessly, without the need for cables. Has device to device sharing capabilities. This feature allows you to transfer your favorite routes or waypoints to other devices, and it makes it easier to keep your device up-to-date. Navigation 1. Has GPS navigation with turn-by-turn directions. The device will signal upcoming turns and prepare you, ensuring you stay on route.

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Compare GARMIN GPSMAP 64, 65 & 66 Series GPS

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